About Domains

Once you have your website designed and built you will need to register a Domain for your website. A Domain name is simply the address that someone will type into their internet browser to find your website. It is unique to you and represents your brand or product in clear text.

An example would be www.smehosting.co.za or www.google.com

Domains are purchased on a yearly basis and must be renewed every 12 months. If the domain is not renewed the domain becomes available for someone else to purchase. SME Hosting will remind you before your domain renewal is required so you can secure your domain again.

The Domain extension (the bit at the end of the domain name like .com or .co.za) and these can be used to position your domain with your customers. Extensions can be country specific e.g. .co.za indicates the website represents a South African company whereas .co.nz would represent a New Zealand company.

Extensions can also represent a type of business. For example the .pizza extension probably tells you something about the business behind www.nicks.pizza. However, these can sometimes be considered a gimmick and less trusted than a standard business domain.